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EDM (Sparking Machine)

Electro-Discharge-Machining as a manufacturing process has travelled from spark erosion, to precision machining processes like Wire-cut EDM & EDM Drilling. With our rich experience of working with industries that have adopted this process as an integral part of their manufacturing, we are in a position to offer a variety of solutions that make EDM processes more efficient. We have been the leading EDM Wire Manufacturers and Suppliers in India since 1985. In addition to our 2 state-of-the-art EDM Wire manufacturing factories.

we also offer our customers the full range of EDM Consumables like EDM Wires, EDM oil, EDM Graphite, Resin, Filters, Metallic Electrodes, EDM Machine Spares, etc. It's always been our philosophy to not just be suppliers, but also to be process partners to our customers. As your partner it is essential that we provide you with quality products and impeccable service. Interested Enquire Now