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About Maxwell - Power Technology

Maxwell - Power technology is also specialized in manufacturing and supplying Servo-Controlled Voltage Stabilizers that are Three-Phase and Oil-Cooled. Either simple residential appliances or complex industrial machinery should have longer life to enable our needs efficiently. However, well-maintenance of these equipment through perfect stabilization means can increase their longevity. Our three-phase oil-cooled servo-controlled voltage stabilizer units enable high-levels of safety. In the three-phase AC power means, if higher voltages are evident, these units will cut-off the output and if the input voltage becomes lower, these will bring up the voltage to the required level.

We follow magnificent and standard manufacturing processes meeting the IS, CE, and other standards. Eco-friendly strategies are evoked during the build of these units –cutting-edge advanced technologies, and standard raw materials like copper are used.

These units are specially incorporated with specific oil lubricant for cooling purpose; better capillaries are provided for oil rotation. With this extensive cooling consideration, even higher capacity ranges can be managed effectively. Heavy loads in summer can be maintained well by these units. Thereby, we assure efficient durability of these units in the three-phase AC power connections.